Multifamily Housing

Westlake Village Apartments - row of apartments

Westlake Village Apartments

784 Refurbished Balconies (2018-2020)

Daly City, CA

Westlake Village Apartments consists of 2,984 units over a 5 square mile radius. We served as their premier general contractor for 20 years managing their life safety concerns, unit turnovers, and interior/exterior upgrades.

Crystal Springs Terrace

238 Refurbished Balconies (2017-2019)

San Bruno, CA

Crystal Springs Terrace consists of 450 units and is tucked into the hills surrounded by lush eucalyptus trees. While the trees create a private oasis, they also caused dry rot in the balconies, walkways, and stairs. We were able to work collaboratively with the owners and engineers to mitigate fall risk while adding a new sparkle to the property.

Crystal Springs Terrace by the pool
Oak Grove Senior Living

Oak Grove Senior Living

151 Refurbished Balconies (2019-2021)

Okland, CA

Amidst the global pandemic our crew was deemed essential as they worked tirelessly to renovate this 151 unit affordable senior living center. The 2 building project had to pivot from the original plan of working while occupied, to rehoming the tenants to keep them safe from possible exposure.

Monterey Villas Condominiums

10 Refurbished Balconies (2015)

Pacifica, CA

Only a few miles away from our office by the beach, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help keep our neighbors view’s accessible for those rare days that the fog actually clears.

Monterey Villas Condominiums
Ocean View Gardens

Ocean View Gardens

62 Renovated Apartments (2021-2023)

Berkeley, CA

Spread throughout 13 buildings in the heart of Berkeley, we replaced all the windows and sliding doors while 100% occupied. In addition to window and door replacement, we also repaired the walkways, stairs, and landings in compliance with SB-326.

The Presidio Trust

Baker Beach Apartments
(2023- present)

San Francisco, CA

We are renovating the first of 24 different neighborhoods throughout the Presidio Community. We have crews working on the interior capital projects as well as a dedicated team to exterior maintenance and weather damage.